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Can It!!

Posted by Boghound on September 13, 2010

Dead rat found inside can of baked beans

The body of a dead rat, believed to have been trapped during tinning, has been found inside a tin of baked beans by a catering chef.

A cook discovered the body on opening the tin of beans, though authorities have so far refused to name the manufacturer.

A post mortem revealed that the creature had managed to crawl inside the tin during the tinning process.

Heinz, Britain’s most famous baked bean manufacturer has already moved to distance itself from the discovery, stating that it was not ‘in any way connected to this incident.’

The food scientist heading the inquiry said that the case highlighted ‘severe failings somewhere in the food production process.’

‘This one of the ultimate horror stories,’ he added.
‘The rat had come to an untimely end, but was not possible to say if it had died before or after it got into the beans. But enzymatic tests established that it had been through the canning process. A post mortem examination showed that it hadn’t eaten recently – it had not enjoyed a last meal of baked beans’


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