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Never Too Old

Posted by Boghound on August 21, 2010

Old Bank Robber Escapes On Zimmer Frame

POLICE in British Columbia, Canada, are looking for an elderly man who has robbed a Prince George Bank of Nova Scotia and made off on his Zimmer frame.

The man, who produced no weapon during the raid, escaped with small amount of cash.

A mere half an hour later the 75-year-old was apprehended walking slowly by shops in the area. He is now in jail.

Says Gary Godwin, of the Prince George RCMP:

You never know what you have on the other side of the counter. If he says he has a weapon, the best thing is to give him what we wants. Err on the side of caution is what we teach.”

Or ask him to repeat his demands and see if he recall what he came in for…


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Bring Your Own!

Posted by Boghound on August 20, 2010

US schools ask students to carry own toilet paper

Shrunken budgets force schools to pass on some expenses to students

Constrained with shrunken budgets, schools across the US are asking students to bring their own toilet papers among other items.

Students in several schools now have toilet rolls, wet tissues, and paper plates, besides the usual load of books, reports The New York Times.

The newspaper cited a case of first grader Emily Cooper who headed off for her classes in Moody, Alabama, with two double rolls of toilet paper, three packages of wet wipes, three boxes of baby wipes, two boxes of garbage bags, liquid soap, paper tissues and Ziplocs.

“The first time I saw it, my mouth hit the floor,” Emily’s mother, Kristin Cooper, said of the list, which also included perennials like glue sticks, scissors and crayons.

Every student at Pauoa Elementary School in Honolulu need to carry a four-pack toilet paper stock.

While pre-kindergartners in the Joshua school district in Texas have get paper plates and cups, students at New Central Elementary in Havana, Illinois and Mesa Middle School in Castle Rock, Colorado must carry packs of printer paper.

To cash in on the business opportunity, and partly offset the sales slump, retailers of school stationary have begun stocking everything from wet tissues to plastic cutlery.

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Must Remember To Duck

Posted by Boghound on August 19, 2010

Giant asteroid ‘heading for Earth in 2182

team of experts, including some working for NASA, believes the 612-yards-wide object has a one-in-a-thousand chance of an impact 172 years from now.

The odds of a crash are considerably shorter than those given for the asteroid Apophis, which has a 1 in 250,000 chance of striking Earth in 2036.

A report in the solar system journal, Icarus, said the odds of an earlier impact were more remote but increased by 2080 when its orbit will bring it swinging back towards Earth.

Maria Eugenia Sansaturio from the Universidad de Valladolid in Spain, who co-led the research, told Universe Today that knowledge of the risk posed by the asteroid "may help design in advance mechanisms aimed at deviating the asteroid’s path."

It was first discovered in 1999 and is more than twice the size of Apophis. If it were to hit it is likely to cause widespread devastation and possible mass extinction.

Sansaturio added: "The consequence … is not just the likelihood of a comparatively large impact, but also that a realistic deflection procedure, or path deviation could only be made before the impact in 2080, and more easily, before 2060.2

Previous asteroid impacts are thought to have created massive craters and tsunamis and have even been blamed for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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Posted by Boghound on August 18, 2010

Inmate sues man he’s convicted of burglarizing

A Florida inmate is suing the man he’s convicted of burglarizing, claiming the man and two others roughed him up during a citizen’s arrest. Michael Dupree is serving a 12-year sentence for burglary and cocaine possession stemming from a 2007 break-in of a van in St. Petersburg. Dupree allegedly stole a bicycle locked inside and was apprehended after the owner, Anthony McKoy, saw him with the bike down the street.

Dupree said McKoy and two others pointed a gun at him, handcuffed him and placed a knee painfully in his back. He’s seeking $500,000 for disabilities and distress suffered during the takedown.

Dupree filed the civil lawsuit on his own, without the help of an attorney.

After being served with the suit, McKoy said, "I thought it was a joke. I’m the victim."

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Read It!!

Posted by Boghound on August 17, 2010

Motorist caught speeding at 103mph – blames dyslexia

In doing so he joins the elite ranks of bizarre excuse-givers, which includes Sir Alex Ferguson, who famously blamed Manchester United’s grey kit for losing 6-3 to Southampton, and various train companies for the perennial ‘leaves on the line’ spin.

His excuse is made to look all the sillier after witnesses described him weaving in and out of traffic on the A27 between Falmer and Hollingbury in East Sussex, while smoking a cigarette and gesticulating wildly at other drivers.

The 40-year-old’s handling of his vehicle was so erratic that a concerned motorist dialled 999. He was eventually pull over by traffic police.

At Hove Crown Court, prosecutor John Marsden Lynch said: ‘He told the police officer that he did not understand the speed dial because he was suffering from dyslexia.’

On Friday Recorder Christopher Morris-Coole said he was ‘sceptical’ about Cook’s explanation.

Cook, who is terminally ill, admitted a count of dangerous driving and has been banned for three years.

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Posted by Boghound on August 16, 2010

Sheep ‘take over’ Hobbit homes in NZ

A flock of sheep has reportedly moved into the empty Hobbit homes constructed in Matamata, New Zealand for the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

Images from various social networking sites reposted on Kuriositas show the creatures moving in and around the Hobbit holes, 17 of the original 37 of which have been preserved as a tourist attraction.

The homes themselves are empty, as all internal shots of Hobbiton in Peter Jackson’s award-winning trilogy were filmed in studios.

Fans of the films can book a two-hour guided visit to the working farm with Hobbiton Movie Set & Farm Tours, with refreshments available at The Shires Rest Cafe.

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Dog Gone!

Posted by Boghound on August 15, 2010

Dog seeks help from neighbor after owner collapses

A small dog who refused to return home until a neighbor followed her helped rescue her owner after he collapsed at home following heart surgery. Charles Mitchell said he was working in his yard last week in the Oregon wine country town of Yamhill when an 11-year-old dachshund named Missy scampered up and refused to leave.

Mitchell told the dog to go home, but she refused, and when he decided to follow her across the street to investigate, he found his neighbor, Charlie Burdon, had collapsed inside his home.

The police chief arrived with paramedics, Burdon was taken to the hospital. Burdon suffered an attack of vertigo and is recovering.

But Burdon and Mitchell, who have known each other for years, both said Missy is their hero.

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Taking The Piss

Posted by Boghound on August 14, 2010

Woman throws urine at cops

A Pasadena, Calif. woman was arrested after she allegedly tried to run over a man with her car and then threw a bag of urine at police officers.

Thirty-nine-year-old Monica Avila was jailed Thursday on suspicion of attempted murder, reports the Pasadena Star News. Police say it all started the night before when the brother of Avila’s ex-boyfriend saw her trespassing on his property. He tried to talk to her but she reportedly tried to hit him with her car before driving off.

When police pulled over Avila a short time later she took out her urostomy bag and threw it at the three arresting officers who were splashed with its contents.

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Police Rescue

Posted by Boghound on August 13, 2010

Kitten emergency

Firefighters in Austria had to dismantle a police car to rescue a kitten.

Emergency services were called to a Vienna neighbourhood after the animal’s desperate mewing kept local residents awake and ended up searching half the night to find the cat.

After locating the creature under the hood of a car, rescuers were amazed when it fled, taking cover under several other vehicles before apparently disappearing – though its cries could still be heard.
Firefighters and police eventually traced the cat to a small space inside the floor panel of a police car, resulting in the bottom of the vehicle being taken apart to rescue it.

However, the kitten was far from grateful to be rescued.

Firefighter Franz Zehetmeier exclaimed: "It bit my finger!"

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Keep Production Up??

Posted by Boghound on August 12, 2010

Workplace sex more likely at factories

Factories may not rank high on the list of sexy places to get it on, but the people who work there are more likely to have had a sexual encounter at work than those in other professions, according to a new survey.

U.K. human resources firm Reabur released a survey of 1,434 people this week to determine the country’s top 10 “randiest” professions. Factory workers are at the top of the list, with 19% of those surveyed admitting to having had a sexual encounter at the workplace.

Office workers were a close second, with 16% admitting to getting frisky with a co-worker on the job.

Rounding out the top-10 list are bar staff (15%), retail assistants (13%), plumbers (11%), teachers (10%), chefs (9%), postal workers (9%), firefighters (7%) and cabin crew (6%).

The results seem to disprove commonly held stereotypes about which workers are the most sexually active at work. According to the survey, 48% of the people polled said airplane cabin crew would be the most promiscuous.

Georgina Read, Reabur’s co-managing director, said the poll proves that stereotypes can be quite wrong, but she wasn’t surprised by the professions that ranked first and second on the list.

“Jobs that require a large amount of repetition tend to allow the mind to wander, quite clearly leaving it free to think of other, more exciting things,” she said in a release. “Employees must remember that not only is getting randy in the workplace likely to be a disciplinary offence, but it can also cause a great deal of friction amongst colleagues. You may think you’re being discreet, but these things always have a way of creeping out!”

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