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Toilet Training

Posted by Boghound on August 31, 2010

Boy’s head gets stuck in toilet seat

Firefighters had to cut a toddler loo-se after his head got stuck in a toilet seat.

The 18-month-old got into difficulties after he decided to use the seat as a hat, but it slipped down over his ears.

Luckily, firefighters who were summoned by his worried mum in Loughton, Essex, weren’t driven round the u-bend by the young chap’s antics.

Firefighter Steve Seary, whose team used specialist cutting equipment to free the youngster, said: ‘He had been wearing the training toilet seat as a hat and his Mum turned her back and then he slipped it down over his ears and it was stuck, but it wasn’t tight or causing him any difficulties.  

‘The boy was really brave and sat still so we could work. He seemed just fine afterwards and we were happy to see him free of his toilet seat.’


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