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Posted by Boghound on August 22, 2010

Bear freed after 10 days with head stuck in a jar

A bear cub which had its head trapped in a jar for 10 days – earning itself the name ‘Jarhead’ – has finally been freed by rescuers.

It’s thought the clumsy black bear had got his stuck in the jar while foraging for food in rubbish bins in Florida.

But despite several public sightings of the unusual hat-wearing bear wandering in Ocala National Forest, experts had struggled to locate it.

Eventually the six-month-old bear was finally found with its mother and two other cubs, and after its mother was shot with a tranquilliser dart the experts stepped in to help.

The were able to pull the jar off the head of the tired and hungry 25-pound cub… which is certainly not smarter than the average bear.


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