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Book A Bed?

Posted by Boghound on March 19, 2010

Nurses: ‘Sex is not part of healthcare’

A Dutch nurses union has launched a national campaign to underline that sexual services are not part of standard healthcare.

The protest has been launched after a 42-year-old disabled man tried to dismiss his 24-year-old nurse after she refused to sexually gratify him on request, Reuters reports.

The NU’91 union said that the woman witnessed other nurses offering the man such services and the case has been reported to the police

A statement from NU’91 read: “This type of action is not part of the job responsibilities of carers and nurses”.

The ‘I Draw The Line Here’ campaign poster features a woman covering her face with crossed hands.


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Church Going?

Posted by Boghound on March 18, 2010

Man ‘breaks into church to watch porn’

Police have arrested a man who allegedly broke into an Iwoa church before watching pornography in its basement.

Charles E. Bentley, 55, of Grand Ave. is being held at Story County Jail on a $10,000 (£6,640) bond on a charge of second-degree burglary after the incident, the Ames Tribune reports.

He is accused of breaking into the Clark Avenue church across the road from the police station, gathering a number of items and going into the basement.

Bentley was found at 7am last Friday morning when employees of the Ames Community Preschool turned up for work.

Commander Mike Brennan of the Ames Police Department said: “He kind of made himself at home.”

When the police were called, they spotted Bentley carrying a rubbish bin holding a flastscreen TV, electronic equipment, clothes and other items belonging to the church.

He is believed to have used the TV to watch pornographic movies found on his person when he was arrested.

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Second Time Around!

Posted by Boghound on March 16, 2010

Man run down by his wife… twice

A New Zealand man is recovering from injuries after being run over by his wife — twice, local media reported on Friday. Sandy Telford ran over her husband, Terry, as she backed down the driveway of their rural property in the Hawke’s Bay region, 350 kilometres (220 miles) north-east of Wellington, the Dominion Post newspaper reported. Not realising what she had done, Telford then drove her car forward, running over him again.

Police said the woman was distraught and too upset to speak to them.

“We are treating it as an accident,” a police spokesman told the newspaper.

Ambulance authorities said the husband suffered moderate head, chest and back injuries, but was “conscious and talking” after the incident.

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Bums Rush!

Posted by Boghound on March 15, 2010

Adviser calls for naked boatmen return

A political adviser has called on a tourist zone in central China’s Hubei Province to bring back its tradition of naked boatmen.

Vice secretary-general Yao Benzhi made the suggestion at the annual meeting of his Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Committee, Shanghai Daily reports.

According to Changjiang Time, Benzhi described the planned return as a restoration of local culture and a boost to tourism.

Some critics have accused Benzhi of pursuing money over dignity, but his plans received the backing of vice director of the Badong Tourism Bureau Xu Peng.

Workers originally hauled the transport barges in remote Badong without clothes because the fabric stopped them wading in the shallow water.

Captain of Shennongxi’s boatman team Zhang Houfang, 44, said: “For thousands of years, we worked nude and never felt shame because it was the way we were.”

He added that local boatmen are willing to work naked again, provided that they are paid accordingly.

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Posted by Boghound on March 14, 2010

Condom competition

Officials in New York City have launched a condom designing competition.

The US city’s health department is keen to keep its residents’ “excited” about safe sex and has opened a contest for people to sketch a special limited-edition wrapper design.

The winning artwork will appear on hundreds of thousands of condom wrappers.

The design is not allowed to be racy and the winner will be chosen from an online poll.

At the moment, the mayor’s office gives away over 40 million free condoms a year in a bid to ensure people in the city are sensible when they make love.

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Tit’s Up

Posted by Boghound on March 13, 2010

Mom goes online to sell breast milk

A Winnipeg mom is looking to move gallons of surplus mother’s milk via the online marketplace.

With a freezer full of breast milk she’s been stocking away since her four-month-old son’s birth, Sara Wiens is now looking to offload it after she found out her son Simon cannot drink it.

He has an allergy to cow’s milk protein and is unable to drink his mother’s breast milk produced during the period when she still was consuming cow’s milk. The toddler can now consume his mother’s milk again as she has cut dairy products from her diet.

Wiens has put the milk up for sale on Kijiji — a classifieds website — and is fielding offers. She said there is no set price for the milk but hopes to cover the rental of the breast pump and other costs incurred, likely somewhere between $200 and $500.

Breast milk banks exist in Canada, but there is no such facility in Winnipeg to which a mother could donate milk. Wiens said she’d have to cover costs to donate the milk to a bank in Vancouver.

The bagged milk is all separately dated and Wiens said the first of it may have to be discarded by early spring.

Wiens said the milk is not pasteurized nor tested for disease or bacteria, so she understands people’s apprehension. “There has to be that trust there that I’m not sick,” Wiens said.

Wiens said she has heard of people selling breast milk for as much as $8 per ounce — far less than she’s hoping for. “I could retire if I sold it for that much because I have gallons in the freezer,” Wiens said.

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Bare All

Posted by Boghound on March 12, 2010

Top 5 naked sports: From topless tobogganing to naked volleyball

Naked Volleyball

Germany was involved again as two naked volleyball teams came together to thrash it out in the sand.

The ladies were saved some blushes through the miracle of body paint as the Austrians eventually beat the German team, in front of a surprisingly male-dominated crowd.

Playboy Olympics

This is the rundown of the top sportswomen to have featured in the pages of the world’s most famous adult magazine.

From Olympic figure skaters to American High Jump champions, there was even a special September 2004 edition of Playboy with a dedicated Olympic special.

Lingerie Bowl

This is probably the best Fantasy Football league we have ever seen, with girls taking to the field wearing protective kit, and pretty much nothing else.

The yearly half-time Lingerie Bowl has now been turned into a full on league, with teams set to line up against each other later this year.

I can’t see it being anything other than a hit Stateside and maybe it could be a way to get some more British sports fans interested in American Football!

Naked Windsurfing

Three brave surfers took to the waves just off the coast of Scotland and cast their modesty aside by baring all as they did so.

With the help of a few well-placed hands the guys managed to cover some bits up, but female surfer Louise had no choice but to let everything hang out as she rode the freezing surf.

Naked Ramblers

Maybe not a sport as such, but these guys will certainly cause some top break out in a sweat as they roam the countryside in nothing more than a pair of boots.

There is even a dedicated day in the US for people who love nothing more than to experience mother nature the way they believe it is to be intended.

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Stuff & Nonsense

Posted by Boghound on March 11, 2010

New travel agency offers the bear necessities

A newly formed Czech travel agency is offering escorted trips for pampered toys.

Send them your favorite animal and they will whisk it around the sights of Prague, taking photographs of it against backgrounds like Prague Castle or the Charles Bridge.

The Toy Traveling agency was pitched to a panel of local businessmen for a TV reality show “Den D” by 22-year old decorator Marek Hlavka last week.

The concept was inspired by the 2001 film “Amelie from Montmartre” in which the heroine has pictures of her father’s garden gnome posed in front of various world landmarks sent to him to convince him to fulfill his dream of touring the world.

“As we start, we’re focusing on north American and Japanese markets, where there is a huge amount of people owning stuffed animals,” said Tomio Okamura, one of the businessmen who have decided to invest in the idea.

He and former Czech minister of information technology Dana Berova have agreed to invest an initial 150,000 crowns ($7,880) each in the project.

In the past week, the venture’s website has logged over 15,000 visitors.

“We are very surprised with such a massive interest from clients both from here and from abroad — we really did not expect that,” Hlavka said in an email.

One recurrent request has come from Japan where several toy owners are anxious to have snaps taken at a Bayern Munich match.

Others have been asking for pictures of their stuffed animals enjoying a picnic or a massage.

The cost ranges from 90 euros ($121.5) to 150 euros.

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I Spy!!

Posted by Boghound on March 9, 2010

Parents angry over laptop spies

A US school has been accused of spying on its students by remotely activating cameras built into their laptops.

The case has outraged parents and pupils at Harriton High School in Philadelphia, reports Sky News.

Parents of one child have filed a lawsuit against the school district in Pennsylvania.

They say staff told them the camera on the school-issued laptop had caught their son doing something “inappropriate” at home.

“This laptop is part of our life 24/7, it is open all the time,” said Karen Gotlieb, who has a daughter at the school.

“I just received an email from my daughter, who is very upset, saying ‘Mum, I have that laptop open in my bedroom all the time, even when I’m changing’.”

Pupils say they are horrified at the thought that staff could look into their home life and have started putting sticky-tape over the camera lens.

The school district says it will fight the lawsuit. It says cameras were only ever activated to track its 2,300 laptops if they were reported missing, lost or stolen.

“The security feature’s capabilities were limited to taking a still image of the operator and the operator’s screen,” Superintendent Christopher McGinley said in a letter to parents.

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Money To Burn

Posted by Boghound on March 8, 2010

Man ‘saved after setting fire to cash’

A snowboarder has been saved from a ski lift after setting fire to his cash.

Dominik Podolsky, who lives in Munich, was on a ski lift in the Austrian Alps when it closed down for the day.

BBC News reports that he ended up being stranded 10m (33ft) high on the lift for six hours in temperatures of -18C.

During the night he began burning his paper handkerchiefs, business cards and restaurant bills with a cigarette lighter, before eventually setting fire to €120 (£105).

Podolsky explained that he had used techniques he learnt in military service to combat hypothermia, but admitted that he kept falling asleep and his legs went numb.

“I thought about jumping down, but then I’d have probably broken both legs and would have frozen to death,” he said.

Podolsky was eventually rescued when he was spotted burning his last €20 note. He was taken to hospital and treated for hypothermia before being released later that night.

The 22-year-old has said that he is considering suing the company that operates the lift, but a spokesperson said it was not for downward trips and Podolsky had ignored warning signs before boarding.

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