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Look After Your Teeth

Posted by Boghound on December 18, 2009

Cops hunt bad breath robber

Police in Detroit are looking for a bank robber dubbed ‘the Bad Breath Bandit,’ after his victims reported that one of his distinguishing characteristics was his foul-smelling breath.

Authorities in the Detroit suburb of Ferndale are looking for a bank robber who has struck twice at the same bank in the past few months – and who witnesses say is notable for his crooked yellow teeth and smelly breath.

The Detroit Free Press reported that the robber hit the same branch of the Charter One bank in October and again last week.

Lt. William Wilson says tellers remember the man as tall, thin and ‘having very offensive breath and real yellow teeth.’ Witnesses also say he looks and smells dirty.

Police say he showed bank employees a note that demanded money, and that he implied he had a gun – although tellers didn’t actually see any weapon.

The suspect escaped with about $1,000 in the latest robbery.


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Posted by Boghound on December 17, 2009

Florida man jailed for rubbing wife with burger

A man was arrested in Florida for allegedly rubbing a burger in his wife’s face while they were having an argument.

According to authorities in Port St. Lucie, 25-year-old Daniel Boss and his wife started having a row on Thursday night.

Things turned ugly when his wife poured soda over Boss’s hamburger – prompting him to retaliate by rubbing the burger in her face and throwing other food at her.

Boss then left, but his wife went to the police station to report the burger attack.

He was arrested a few hours later on a charge of misdemeanor domestic battery.

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Dog & Frisbee!!!!

Posted by Boghound on December 16, 2009

Dog wants a frisbee

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the reigning European dogfrisbee champion in training.

Karin Actun, who is currently the reigning German and European dogfrisbee champion, practices with her dog Ben in Duesseldorf, Germany, today.

Dogfrisbee, in case you’re not familiar with this noble and ancient sport, involves dogs running after and catching frisbees thrown by their owners.

Actun is a five time German and European Champion, and won the World Championship in 2004.

…………..unbelievable…..No doubt it will be an Olympic sport in the future!!!!

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For A Licking!

Posted by Boghound on December 15, 2009

Cows lick, damage man’s house

A man’s homeowners insurance apparently doesn’t cover “acts of cow.”

Jerry Lynn Davis called the Hawkins County Sheriff’s office in Tennessee on Thursday, complaining that a neighbour’s cows had been licking his house. In the process, Davis says the curious bovines did about $100 in damage by ripping off a screen window, cracking the glass and pulling down a gutter.

The Kingsport Times-News reports that Davis’ home is next to a fence enclosing the cows’ pasture. They managed to poke their heads through to lick the house, though a deputy’s report did not indicate what made the house so tasty.

Deputy Chris Funk was able to contact the cows’ owner, who said he’d take care of the problem.

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Posted by Boghound on December 14, 2009

‘Poo Power’ Leaves Water Firm Feeling Flush

It’s a load of crap!!

Thames Water has announced it generated enough energy from sewage to make a yearly saving on its electricity bill of £15m.

The company, which serves London and the wider region, generated renewable power from the solid waste produced by its 13.6 million customers.

The saving – equivalent to 14% of its power needs over 2008/9 – was made by burning sewage sludge or the methane derived from the solids.

Dr Keith Colquhoun, Thames Water’s climate change strategy manager, said renewable energy sources were helping the company make “significant” progress towards its goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 20% over the period 1990 to 2020.

“There’s no polite way of saying this but what we produce – our poo – isn’t simply waste, it’s a great source of energy,” he said.

“That’s good news because we treat 2.8bn litres of sewage every day at our 349 sewage works.

“The solids in sewage have a high calorific content that we use to generate electricity.”

Under one method of processing the sludge, energy was generated by drying sewage into blocks which were then burnt to generate power.

Alternatively, the waste was broken down through anaerobic digestion – whereby microorganisms process biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen – to create methane, which can be used as a fuel.

Once the sludge was processed, it was offered to farmers for use as fertiliser or to developers as a soil improver.

The scheme meant that every bit of sewage sludge was put to use, with none sent to landfill.

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Not A Leg To Stand On

Posted by Boghound on December 13, 2009

Wonky stork gets wooden leg

Dietmar the stork has ruffled feathers in the medical world – by becoming the first of his species ever to be fitted with a wooden leg.

The luckless bird lost his own leg flying into a power cable – so bird sanctuary bosses in Saxony, Germany, raised around £1,000 to have a prosthetic limb crafted by medical specialists.

‘He gets on very well in the sanctuary with his new leg but he can’t live in the wild any more so he’s here with us for the rest of his days,’ said keeper Rolf Arensberg

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A Little Titillation!

Posted by Boghound on December 12, 2009

Russian bride’s revealing wedding dress is web sensation

A bride’s startlingly revealing wedding dress has become an internet sensation.

Originally posted on Wedinator a site dedicated to showcasing wedding photo disasters from around the world, the image has now been reposted on hundreds of blogs across the web.

The unnamed woman, believed to be Russian, is shown getting out of a limousine wearing a white dress, the top half of which consists of two small, strategically positioned semicircles over a dramatic embonpoint.

Predictably the internet’s fashion commentators have not been uniformly complimentary. One, the author of a blog post called “The Five Sluttiest Wedding Dresses”, describes it as “the equivalent of the groom wearing a codpiece”.

Others have wondered whether the choice of a white dress is perhaps misleading, while others make the inevitable puns: “They make a lovely pair” seems to be the most common.

Wedinator, which has been running since February, includes among its other catastrophic nuptials a video of a public proposal gone hideously wrong , and CCTV footage apparently showing a bride cheating with the groom’s best man during the reception.

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Pass The Garlic!

Posted by Boghound on December 11, 2009

World’s largest collection of Vampire killing kits

In the mid 1800s, vampire-fearing people traveling to Eastern Europe bought and carried with them, Vampire killing kits.

Containing items such as a wooden stake, a crucifix, a bible, garlic, various potions and even pistols with lead bullets, they offered the best protection possible from the blood-sucking undead.

Despite people nowadays being less likely to want to kill vampires – either thinking the don’t exist, or (thanks to Twilight New Moon they) more likely to want to make them their soul-mate – demand has stayed high for the kits.

Some, which can be over 200-years-old, have sold for sums up to £10,000. But now Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museums have announced that they have the world’s largest collection of authentic Vampire killing kits, with 30 in total.

So, should the blood-sucking pale-faced ones start an uprising, you know where to find us. Click through to see some of the Vampire killing kits.

“Vampire kits are very rare. There are maybe a handful of them outside of Ripley’s and we’d like to acquire those as well,” said Edward Meyer VP of Exhibits and Archives for the company-  who keeps an eye out for Vampire kits at auction, on eBay and at antique shops.
“They are very popular exhibits at our museums, especially now that there is so much interest in vampires in the media.”

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Horsing Around

Posted by Boghound on December 10, 2009

Police ‘consult warlock on horse plaiting’

Police in West Dorset have reportedly spoken to a “warlock” as part of their investigation into the plaiting of several horses’ manes.

Owners initially thought that the plaiting could have been used to identify horses that would later be stolen, but none were taken, The Daily Telegraph reports.

PC Tim Poole said: “We have some very good information from a warlock that this is part of a white magic ritual and is to do with ‘knot magick’.

“It would appear that for people of this belief, knot magick is used when they want to cast a spell.”

He added: “Some of the gods they worship have a strong connection to horses so if they have a particular request, plaiting this knot in a horse’s mane lends strength to the request.

“The fact that this rash of plaiting coincides with one of their ceremonial times of year adds weight to the theory. This warlock said it is a benign activity, albeit maybe a bit distressing for the horse owner.”

However, pagan witch Phil Robinson said: “Some people play at Satanism and this may be related to people messing about, but it is worrying if people think it is related to paganism – we have a bad enough press as it is.”

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Rudolf’s Xmas Comes Early!!!

Posted by Boghound on December 9, 2009

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