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Posted by Boghound on December 22, 2009

Parents want busty fox sacked from puppet show

Angry parents want a big-breasted fox puppet removed from a children’s theatre performance – because she is too sexy.

The fox features in the puppet show entitled Hedgehog House, at Zagreb Theatre in Croatia, in which a fox falls in love with a hedgehog – and finds herself dreaming of his sharp spines.

But theatre bosses are under pressure to drop the busty fox for being “inappropriate for small children”.

Parents say the fox is too voluptuous – and believe the spine dreams carry sexual connotations.

Director Bozidar Violic said: “What is so unusual about a hedgehog that might give you a prick?

“That is why it has sharp spines. It is not my fault if some parents see something that does not exist in the show.”

In the meantime the theatre has decided to change the story and have the fox no longer dreaming about the hedgehog’s prickles.


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