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Look After Your Teeth

Posted by Boghound on December 18, 2009

Cops hunt bad breath robber

Police in Detroit are looking for a bank robber dubbed ‘the Bad Breath Bandit,’ after his victims reported that one of his distinguishing characteristics was his foul-smelling breath.

Authorities in the Detroit suburb of Ferndale are looking for a bank robber who has struck twice at the same bank in the past few months – and who witnesses say is notable for his crooked yellow teeth and smelly breath.

The Detroit Free Press reported that the robber hit the same branch of the Charter One bank in October and again last week.

Lt. William Wilson says tellers remember the man as tall, thin and ‘having very offensive breath and real yellow teeth.’ Witnesses also say he looks and smells dirty.

Police say he showed bank employees a note that demanded money, and that he implied he had a gun – although tellers didn’t actually see any weapon.

The suspect escaped with about $1,000 in the latest robbery.


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