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You Can See The Slime!!!

Posted by Boghound on October 31, 2009

MPs’ expenses: Tony McNulty allowed to keep £60,000

Tony McNulty has been allowed to keep almost £60,000 he claimed in expenses for a house where his elderly parents lived just eight miles from the “main” home he shares with his wife.

The former Home Office minister was criticised by a formal inquiry for allowing his parents to live rent free at taxpayers’ expense and ordered to repay more than £13,000.

But the Parliamentary committee, who decide MPs’ punishments ruled he should be allowed to keep the majority of the money claimed on the home. The official investigation said it was “reasonable” for the taxpayer to help fund Mr McNulty’s parents’ house as it was in his constituency and could be designated as his second home.

Yet Mr McNulty himself admitted he only stayed there for a maximum of 66 nights a year. He spent the rest of the time at the nearby £900,000 house he shares with his wife Christine Gilbert, the head of Ofsted

So……….Let’s get this straight…….The Labour Party is for the working class…….The Tory Party is for the toffs and The Liberal Party….Well they don’t know who they represent…..But which members of which party has “claimed” for the most and which party member’s wife’s hold high office under their maiden names so the general public don’t “catch on” to what is going on……..YEH RIGHT…..Labour represent the “The Working Man”……LABOUR REPRESENT THEMSELVES AND ALWAYS HAVE DONE!!!!!


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