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Posted by Boghound on October 23, 2009

Father backs son who refused to show head respect

A new head teacher has provoked a “respect” debate among parents after ordering pupils to stand up when he enters a classroom.

Kevin Harrison, 55, who joined Macclesfield High School earlier this month, said the rule allowed him to check uniforms quickly and was a sign of respect.

However, the father of a pupil, sent home for refusing to stand, said respect had to be earned.

Daniel Walton, 15, has been excluded from the Cheshire school.

His father Tim, 40, who is jobless, said Daniel was justified to remain seated. Mr Walton, a father of three, said: “I teach my kids respect is earned. He [the head teacher] hasn’t been there long enough to earn my son’s respect so why should he stand up for him?”

Mr Harrison, who took over at the school after the previous head retired with a long-standing neurological condition, said the new rules were to promote high expectations.

He said: “We want students to take pride in their work, in the school and in the community.” However, Mr Harrison said Daniel was not excluded because he refused to stand.

“He has been excluded for four and a half days following an incident in which a member of staff was subjected to verbal abuse and a physical assault,” he said.

“We can’t have children refusing to do what a member of staff is asking them to do.” Nick Seaton, from the Campaign for Real Education, said most parents would support the head.

He said: “Pupils have to respect their teachers otherwise the whole system falls apart. It’s vital that teachers and parents regain their authority from children, a lot of whom seem to think they can do what they like.”

……………..and they wonder why schools and universities are churning out so many deadheads!!!!!


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