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Pirate Party UK

Posted by Boghound on August 16, 2009


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Sunday Shopping in France

Posted by Boghound on August 16, 2009

France gears up — slowly — for more Sunday opening

France is taking a leisurely August attitude to a new law that shakes up the country’s traditional devotion to Sunday rest.

Starting Sunday, more stores have the legal right to open, a step taken by the government in hopes of boosting employment and soaking up added tourist dollars.

But it’s a complicated measure, full of unresolved details that need to be worked out by employers and workers, many of whom are gone for France’s sacrosanct, month long August holiday break. And in
reality, many shops that wanted to get around century-old rules and sell their wares on Sunday have already found ways to do so!

The law will allow all non-food stores in 494 towns and 29 zones designated special tourist areas to legally open this Sunday. It gives businesses more legal certainty, but those that weren’t already open still have to negotiate new arrangements with workers who will want something in return for giving up their Sunday.

An Ifop survey in June said 59 percent of French were for the reform.

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