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The “Secret” France

Posted by Boghound on August 12, 2009

The France the Francophiles don’t want to see or here about!!!! 

There exists in France a “dark underbelly” of malcontent the tourists and Francophiles don’t want to accept is part of everyday life in France…..A lot of them seem to think that France is the modern day “Garden of Eden” and everything that is French, clothes and food, is the best in the world……Well….Sorry to “rock the boat” but here is a prime example of what the “real” France is like……..

Police battled with petrol-bomb-wielding rioters in a Paris suburb after a teenager died while fleeing police on his motorbike.

One person fired at police with a handgun in the rioting in a housing project in Bagnolet, on Paris’ eastern edge, and 29 cars were torched, the interior ministry said.

The latest bout of suburban violence erupted after an 18-year-old pizza deliverer lost control of his motorbike while fleeing a police identity check. He died en route to the hospital.

A group of around 40 local youths hurled Molotov cocktails, stones and other objects at police and emergency workers on the scene. They also smashed windows of a secondary school and shop. One person was arrested and order restored.

Brice Hortefeux, the interior minister, called for calm and insisted that “all light will be shed” on the cause of the young man’s death. An autopsy was scheduled yesterday (Monday).

The internal police watchdog agency is also investigating the incident. A police official said there was no contact between the police car and the motorcycle.

Tensions have remained rife in France’s deprived, high-immigrant suburbs since riots swept through the country in 2005.

So WAKE UP you braindead Francophiles and smell the roses or in this case burning cars…..Not everything in your rose tinted view of this country is ideal!!!!!


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