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France’s Deadly Road Month

Posted by Boghound on August 3, 2009

FRENCH police have announced a crackdown on foreign drivers flouting traffic rules after government figures revealed the country had suffered its deadliest June for some years on the country’s roads.

June, which is not officially even a holiday month in France, was disastrous in terms of deaths and injuries, with 408 people killed, an increase of 33 per cent on June last year.

The jump has alarmed the French government, which issued a statement announcing that it
would be distributing French rules of the road in English, Spanish, Italian and German in addition to a
nationwide campaign to get French drivers to cut down on fast driving.

Although foreign drivers, which make up 10 per cent of highway traffic, are implicated in only 1.7 per cent of car accidents with bodily injuries, they account for 9 per cent of fatal collisions.

“Foreign tourists who visit our country, but also our citizens who travel outside of France, must adopt a
serene manner of driving and respect the rules in force in the countries they visit,” said environment minister Jean-Louis Borloo.

Foreigners account for 20 per cent of all speeding violations during non-holiday periods, but that figure
jumps to 30 per cent of the total during holidays. Germans pocketed 364,943 violations for speeding on
French territory in 2008, Spanish drivers accounted for 305,456 followed by Dutch drivers with 110,954

Drivers in France who are caught speeding without cash in their pockets will need to watch out.
Speeders unprepared to pay their fine on the spot risk immediate confiscation of their vehicle under French law…….You have been warned!!!!!

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