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Posted by Boghound on August 2, 2009

THEY are supposed to be the apex of casual entertaining, but barbecues are deceptively hard work. There’s the worrying about the weather, the quandary over who to invite, the panic about your guests leaving with a severe case of salmonella – and then the terrible etiquette of who gets to eat what.

Last summer, I witnessed a near fist fight between blokes at a barbie who were convinced they both had rights to the best piece of steak on the hot plate. Fair enough, too – if you have turned up to a barbecue with a packet of “may contain meat” sausages and then hungrily hover over someone else’s prime beef fillet or chicken kebab, you may receive a sharp slap with a wooden spoon or a good pounding with a chicken drumstick.

Isn’t the summertime wonderful!!!!!!

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