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It’s A French Custom!!!!!

Posted by Boghound on July 24, 2009


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Fat Kids Get Cheap Gym Admission!

Posted by Boghound on July 24, 2009

Cheap gym sessions to tackle obesity in children

HEALTH bosses in the UK hailed as a success a scheme to tackle Suffolk’s childhood obesity problem in which teenagers are offered cheap gym membership.

One thousand young people in west Suffolk have now been recruited for the “Fit4Future” pilot scheme, which aims to address the decline in physical activity among youngsters by subsidising the cost of taking part in sport.

As part of the build up to London 2012…..and what a waste of money that is!….. Suffolk County Council offered to fund a thousand gym memberships for those involved in the scheme aged 16 to 22.

Evidently a total of 16 private and council owned fitness clubs promoted the project during the recruitment phase of the project, which saw overweight teenagers pay as little as £5 per month to join their local gym.

A report revealed how one in 11 Suffolk children were obese, while one in ten were not classed as physically active – spending two hours a week in PE or school sport……So….This is where Suffolk’s ratepayer’s money is going!

Rosemary Clarke, the council’s Sport, Culture, Diversity, Health and Wellbeing chief……With a title like that I bet she doesn’t have too much time to chew her food…… hoped the initiative would have a lasting impact on the health of young people and make a valuable contribution to making Suffolk the
healthiest county in the UK by 2028.

“The response to the recruitment campaign has been fantastic,” she said. “It has demonstrated a real desire by young people across the west of the county to engage in physical activity.”

David Stalker, operations director of the Fitness Industry Association, said: “Reaching the 1,000 new participant mark is a great testimony to the team in Suffolk and to the decision to pilot the idea of subsidised gym membership……It also puts more money into the “flagging” coffers of it’s members….but…Hey Ho….

“What this initiative has proved is that intervention works. Young people have the desire and the will to change their behaviour and perhaps even their lifestyle if the catalyst and incentive is right.”

Perish the thought that their parents could ever stop buying them buying video games and switch their computers off!

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Le Gnat’s At It Again

Posted by Boghound on July 23, 2009

If nothing else you have to admire the nerve of the man……Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni have been spending more than £660 a day on flowers.

The crazy sum was revealed in a public audit which comes in the middle of the worst recession for decades.

The couple also used French taxpayers’
money to settle £3,000 of fines for late
payment of electricity and gas bills.

It’s their annual payments to florists to supply the Elysee Palace which has caused the most astonishment.

At £241,000 per year, the sum is even greater than spent by Elton John, who was revealed to spend around £460-a-day on flowers in 1997.
The sum emerged in presidential accounts for 2008, Mr Sarkozy’s first full year in office, during which he made Miss Bruni his third wife.

The former model turned “pop singer” is particularly fond of fresh flowers, and is frequently pictured arranging huge vases full of them inside the Elysee.

……Wasn’t it some trivial French Queen that said the starving peasants should eat cake?????….Obviously irony is lost on the French!!!!

The figures were part of the first state audit of a French leader’s spending since the reign of Louis XVI…..A bit late in the day some would say!!!!

An Elysee Palace spokesman said the floral bill was being reduced, and that the 2008 figures were welcomed as a move towards ‘transparent government’…….Well…..That is comforting news to the vast army of French workers that have been made redundant due to the financial climate…..They will all be able to sleep a bit better knowing that!!!!!

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Dinosaur On The Beach

Posted by Boghound on July 22, 2009

A Dinosaur was removed from Weymouth Beach in Dorset, UK on the grounds of health and safety!!!!!

A huge 20ft sculpture of a Tyrannosaurus Rex has been seized by officials on health and safety
grounds after it was taken to the beach.

The life-size metal model was towed into the sea at Weymouth Bay, Dorset, as a barmy way to promote Britain’s Jurassic Coast.

The incredible sight caused great hilarity among bathers but unfortunately the local council and
police didn’t see the funny side…..So no surprise there then!!

Under the impression it was in breach of health and safety rules, council workers spent 90 minutes recovering the great item from the water before impounding it……..Then, under police escort, they drove the model to a unknown compound.

Owner Paul Swaffield, who paid £2,000 to have it made, is demanding Weymouth and Portland Borough Council now return the sculpture called Tex.

Mr Swaffield had the model made three years ago as part of a dinosaur theme at a maze attraction he owns…..He said he decided to tow it into the sea to give the Unesco World Heritage Site an extra “wow factor”.

Mr Swaffield said: “I just wanted people who saw it to say whether it is a good idea.

“The model is on wheels and I used a 110hp tractor to tow it down the slipway and into the sea at low tide.

“I drove it as far as I could – about 150 yards out – and left it there.

“The tide came in around it and I warned a couple of bathers that it was there.
“It was an incredible sight and people thought it was the funniest thing that had happened in Weymouth for many a year.”

Mr Swaffield said that within minutes officials from the council joined beach lifeguards on the beach to condemn the stunt.

He said: “I was called things like irresponsible and a nuisance and they kept going on about health and safety.

“Members of the public saw the reaction of the officials as the typical state the country is in today, which is lacking in fun.”

Mr Swaffield, who runs the Great Dorset Maize Maze, fears the local council will now scrap his sculpture.

He added: “I asked them what right they had to tow it away. I’m aware of legislation for impounding cars but I’m not sure about dinosaurs.”

A Dorset Police spokesman confirmed they were called to help assist the council in removing the model to take it away.

A spokesman for the council’s beach control said Mr Swaffield did not have any permission and the model had to be taken away for public safety.

The spokesman said: “It was quite a hazard so we had to take it away.

“It had metal spikes so we could not leave it on the beach. The dinosaur had to have a police escort when it was taken along the road as it was not a safe structure.”

No doubt Mr Swaffield will be sent a bill by the council for the work involved and will find out that the miserable buggers will have scraped it and also charge him for that!!!!….Typical attitude of the mindless people that are given a modicum of authority nowadays.

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No Holding Auntie Now!

Posted by Boghound on July 21, 2009

Auntie Beeb is now “stockpiling” thousands of doses of the swine flu drug Tamiflu.

The BBC says it bought up supplies for staff who may come into
contact with the virus in the course of their work……….This has prompted an angry response
from the Tories who say the Government has warned against buying up stocks of the drug.

Evidently Auntie has bought up around 4000 doses and is using the excuse that it’s not for general use and can only be given to staff facing work related risks and not those coming into contact with the virus through friends or family…….YEH RIGHT

The Scottish Tory public health spokesman Jackson Carlaw said: “It is nothing short of disgraceful that a licence payer funded body is storing away an antiviral which is free on the NHS.”

A BBC spokeswoman …….another mysterious nameless person……the BBC seems to have an awful lot of them …..said: “We have a duty of care to protect staff who may come into contact with infection in the course of their work as far as reasonably practical.”

But…….Mr Carlaw…..who is now like a dog with a new bone and will not let the matter drop…… says he now plans to write to BBC bosses to raise the issue.

“As reported on BBC news the Scottish Government advice is clear – they do not encourage anyone to stockpile Tamiflu,” he said.

“Do BBC executives not watch their own news bulletins? Those who are diagnosed as having H1N1 will receive the appropriate treatment on the NHS.

“There is no shortage of Tamiflu and people will understandably be very angry and I will be writing to the BBC to find out why it thinks this is an acceptable use of the licence fee which I and every other television owner is required to pay when on the other hand the BBC is complaining about a shortage of funds to sustain programming.”

Unfortunately…….Me thinks…..He is wasting his time!….No matter what is said…..Auntie will just go her own way no matter what as she seems to be a law unto herself…….TIME WILL TELL!!!!!!!!

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Bride’s Bouquet crashes Plane!

Posted by Boghound on July 20, 2009

Bride’s bouquet crashes plane in Italy…..Where else!!

A romantic wedding in the Tuscan countryside ended with injuries after an attempt to launch the
bride’s bouquet from a plane brought down the tiny aircraft.

Italian police say two people were hurt in the crash of the ultralight plane after the bridal bouquet they
launched got caught in the aircraft’s rear rotor.

The flowers blocked the engine, bringing the plane down by a youth hostel.

Police in the nearby town of Piombino said Tuesday the pilot was lightly injured in Saturday’s crash, while the passenger who threw the bouquet had several broken bones.

The bride and groom were not aboard the plane…..God knows what would have happened if they had have been…..The mind boggles!!!!!

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Auntie Beeb At It Again!

Posted by Boghound on July 19, 2009

WELL……………LET’S GET THIS STRAIGHT THEN………….It seems to be alright to spend thousands of the taxpayers money on pension advice for 30 of the Beeb’s top executives and also executives like ……Michael Carrington, the controller of CBeebies, the digital children’s channel, claimed £452.54 to moor a yacht in Cannes so he could host a party during an industry conference, and spent £4,589.40 on a business class flight to New York;

or…… Mark Bell, a commissioning editor for documentaries, spent £1,101.60 of public money on a flight to Malaysia when his family holiday was delayed by late changes to a programme…

or…Jane Tranter, the former controller of fiction, spent £1,772 on flowers for star presenters, actors and colleagues…….

or…..Roger Wright, the controller of Radio 3 and the director of the BBC Proms, used £3,493 of public funds on taxis in just one year…..

or….Alan Yentob, the corporation’s creative director, charged the licence fee payer almost £1,600 for an “executive Christmas dinner”

….But heaven help a radio presenter, like Sarah Kennedy, who has the audacity to praise the late Enoch Powell on her Wednesday show……She went on to describe Powell, who was sacked from the shadow cabinet by Ted Heath in 1968 for his “Rivers of Blood” speech about the dangers of mass immigration, as “the best prime minister this country never had”.

According to “one of Auntie’s lackey’s”…..the Beeb received 25 complaints…..WOW……This is out of thousands of listeners……How many complaints do they get from the public about over-spending and they just get ignored…….I WONDER WHY???????

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It’s Official. Sex Can Be Fun.

Posted by Boghound on July 18, 2009

Well…….It’s official then…….Teenage sex can be fun!!!!…..that’s according to the British Health Service………

Health officials are trying to change the tone of sex education by urging teachers to emphasize that sexual relations can be healthy and pleasurable instead of simply explaining the mechanics of sex and warning about diseases.

The new pamphlet, called “Pleasure,” has sparked some opposition from those who believe it encourages promiscuity among teens in a country that already has high rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The National Health Service in the city of Sheffield produced the booklet, which has a section called “an
orgasm a day” that encourages educators to tell teens about the positive physical and emotional effects of sex and masturbation, which is described as an easy way for people to explore their bodies and feel good.

Like more traditional sex education guides, it encourages demonstrations about how to use condoms and other contraceptives.

Some professionals have hailed the new approach as a welcome antidote to traditional sex education, which they say can be long on biological facts but short on information about the complexity of human relationships.

The booklet suggests ways in which teachers can encourage sexual awareness and responsibility while
teaching young people that sex is something that is meant to be enjoyed……Funny that……..My generation learnt by experience, crumpled pages of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” or “The Kama Suta”.

Steve Slack, who helped produce the leaflet as Director of the Centre for HIV & Sexual Health in Sheffield said some of the ideas in the booklet came from the Netherlands, which is well known in Europe for its liberal attitude toward sexual behaviour……If this wasn’t a real news item you’d think it was made up…….How the Hell do these people get the jobs in the first place????????……Oh Yes…..I forgot……The braindead morons went to a local “university” and came out with a first in “nose-picking”……..So even sex is being dumb down in Britain……GOD HELP US ALL

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Pensioner In Dispute With Whirlybird.

Posted by Boghound on July 17, 2009

Pensioner Pam Pringle is taking legal action against her neighbour because he is visited twice a
week by a friend – who arrives by helicopter.

Mrs Pringle called in the police and local council
officials after the two-seater machine keeps
making regular unwanted visits to the man living
next door to her home in a peaceful village.

Pam Pringle, 79, claims that her life is being “ruined” by the commotion of the aircraft taking off and landing in her neighbour Peter Nash’s back garden.

With just a hedge separating their properties, Mrs Pringle says she is forced to take cover in her house due to the dust and noise created by the helicopter, which lands just feet away.

She has complained to the police, her local council, the Civil Aviation Authority and her MP, but has been told that the flights are not illegal and can therefore not be stopped.

Mrs Pringle said that police initially advised that she could get an Asbo against Mr Nash. However, the council investigated and told her that the noise created by the aircraft, 78.6 decibels, was not loud enough for a court to award an Asbo.

Speaking from her home in the village of Blythburgh, Suffolk, Mrs Pringle said: “It is ruining my life and I cannot go out in my garden.”

The widow added: “The noise and the dust mean it is impossible to be out there when the helicopter arrives or leaves and I have to keep my curtains closed for privacy.”

The two-seater helicopter is owned by pilot Bo Maggs, who was first granted permission by her friend, Mr Nash, to use his garden as a helipad in December 2007.

Mrs Maggs flies the Schweizer 269c helicopter 80 miles from her home in Shere, Surrey, to Blythburgh to visit friends and the grave of her uncle, a former priest, who is buried in the village graveyard.

Mrs Maggs, who has been flying helicopters for nearly 20 years, said: “I could fly in and out of Peter’s garden all day if I want but I try and be reasonable…….It certainly sounds like it…..Is this thoughtless bitch for real?????

“I have fitted an extra silencer to the machine and when I take off or land I avoid flying over houses.” ….Why????…..Does she normally make an effort to hit them!!!

Mrs Maggs met Mr Nash, who is in his 60s, while looking for a landing site for her £100,000 helicopter. She claims that her visits have also helped Mr Nash, a former British Airways steward, recover from serious health problems.

“Peter has a heart condition and had to go into hospital. He is very brave and still on medication and says my visits have helped his recovery,” she added……So she’s a “flying district nurse” then……I know what a lot of people would call her and I’m sure “nurse” and “flying” wouldn’t be in the same sentence!!!!! 

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Auntie Beeb…The Money Tree!

Posted by Boghound on July 16, 2009

Sir Michael Lyons, the chairman of the BBC Trust, has laid himself open to accusations of hypocrisy after his remuneration package rose by 30 per cent to £213,000 last year, despite his assurances that the Corporation was cutting costs.

This scroungers basic pay of £143,000 for the part-time position was boosted by a £70,000 benefits package – doubled from last year – which covered his travel costs to and from work, the use of a London chauffeur and overnight accommodation.

Sir Michael’s remuneration package was published in the BBC’s annual report, which also showed that Mark Thompson, the director-general, received a total remuneration package worth £834,000 last year, up from £816,000 the year before.

All other members of the executive board saw their packages fall after bonuses were suspended. The figure included basic pay of £664,000, up from £647,000 in 2007/8, and £164,000 in pension payments.

Annual staff costs for running the Trust last year were £4.67 million – an average of £66,000 per head for each of the organisation’s 70 staff.

There are now 701 executives at the BBC earning £70,000 or more, up from 669 in 2007/8…….Don’t forget folks…..The higher up the “Money Tree” you climb the less work you do but the greater the rewards…….Don’t worry…..COME THE EVOLUTION…..All these parasites will be sorted out once and for all….

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