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The French At Play!!

Posted by Boghound on July 30, 2009


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Posted by Boghound on July 30, 2009

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Grandmother’s Photography Banned

Posted by Boghound on July 30, 2009

The PC brigade are at it again!!!!

A 85-year-old grandmother was banned from taking photographs of her grandchildren in a municipal swimming pool………..

…….Sheila Campbell was astonished by the politically correct decision to stop
her taking a picture for the family album of her four granddaughters who
are aged between five and 10.

The children and their mother Tina were in the water at the Royal
Commonwealth Pool at Mrs Campbell’s home in Edinburgh when
she decided to record the moment.

“One of my granddaughters was practising her diving so I took out my camera to take some nice pictures,” she said.

“But an attendant warned me to stop. I like to think it would have been obvious that I was their grandmother. There were no other children anywhere near her but anyway I was only interested in taking photos of my grandchildren.

“What is the harm in it? The attendant was adamant that I had to stop. I did not protest even though I was not causing any harm. He might have taken away my camera. I must say, it is a sign that we are living in a nanny state.”

The ban on Mrs Campbell is part of a growing trend for local authorities to prohibit photography and filming at key events, with many citing data protection or child protection laws. Many local authorities have decided to outlaw photos
due to fears paedophiles might obtain illicit snaps of young children.

This comes despite the intervention of information watchdogs who warn that some authorities are being overzealous in stopping parents and grandparents recording treasured moments. Photographs have even banned at some school
sports’ days……This situation is only going to get worse unless people stand up and voice an opinion on this matter…..When will the sensible people with a brain say “enough is enough” and decide to to something about it and not leave it until there are so many ridicules rules and regulations there will not be any chance of changing things…..COME THE REVOLUTION

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