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Le Gnat’s At It Again

Posted by Boghound on July 23, 2009

If nothing else you have to admire the nerve of the man……Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni have been spending more than £660 a day on flowers.

The crazy sum was revealed in a public audit which comes in the middle of the worst recession for decades.

The couple also used French taxpayers’
money to settle £3,000 of fines for late
payment of electricity and gas bills.

It’s their annual payments to florists to supply the Elysee Palace which has caused the most astonishment.

At £241,000 per year, the sum is even greater than spent by Elton John, who was revealed to spend around £460-a-day on flowers in 1997.
The sum emerged in presidential accounts for 2008, Mr Sarkozy’s first full year in office, during which he made Miss Bruni his third wife.

The former model turned “pop singer” is particularly fond of fresh flowers, and is frequently pictured arranging huge vases full of them inside the Elysee.

……Wasn’t it some trivial French Queen that said the starving peasants should eat cake?????….Obviously irony is lost on the French!!!!

The figures were part of the first state audit of a French leader’s spending since the reign of Louis XVI…..A bit late in the day some would say!!!!

An Elysee Palace spokesman said the floral bill was being reduced, and that the 2008 figures were welcomed as a move towards ‘transparent government’…….Well…..That is comforting news to the vast army of French workers that have been made redundant due to the financial climate…..They will all be able to sleep a bit better knowing that!!!!!

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