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Dinosaur On The Beach

Posted by Boghound on July 22, 2009

A Dinosaur was removed from Weymouth Beach in Dorset, UK on the grounds of health and safety!!!!!

A huge 20ft sculpture of a Tyrannosaurus Rex has been seized by officials on health and safety
grounds after it was taken to the beach.

The life-size metal model was towed into the sea at Weymouth Bay, Dorset, as a barmy way to promote Britain’s Jurassic Coast.

The incredible sight caused great hilarity among bathers but unfortunately the local council and
police didn’t see the funny side…..So no surprise there then!!

Under the impression it was in breach of health and safety rules, council workers spent 90 minutes recovering the great item from the water before impounding it……..Then, under police escort, they drove the model to a unknown compound.

Owner Paul Swaffield, who paid £2,000 to have it made, is demanding Weymouth and Portland Borough Council now return the sculpture called Tex.

Mr Swaffield had the model made three years ago as part of a dinosaur theme at a maze attraction he owns…..He said he decided to tow it into the sea to give the Unesco World Heritage Site an extra “wow factor”.

Mr Swaffield said: “I just wanted people who saw it to say whether it is a good idea.

“The model is on wheels and I used a 110hp tractor to tow it down the slipway and into the sea at low tide.

“I drove it as far as I could – about 150 yards out – and left it there.

“The tide came in around it and I warned a couple of bathers that it was there.
“It was an incredible sight and people thought it was the funniest thing that had happened in Weymouth for many a year.”

Mr Swaffield said that within minutes officials from the council joined beach lifeguards on the beach to condemn the stunt.

He said: “I was called things like irresponsible and a nuisance and they kept going on about health and safety.

“Members of the public saw the reaction of the officials as the typical state the country is in today, which is lacking in fun.”

Mr Swaffield, who runs the Great Dorset Maize Maze, fears the local council will now scrap his sculpture.

He added: “I asked them what right they had to tow it away. I’m aware of legislation for impounding cars but I’m not sure about dinosaurs.”

A Dorset Police spokesman confirmed they were called to help assist the council in removing the model to take it away.

A spokesman for the council’s beach control said Mr Swaffield did not have any permission and the model had to be taken away for public safety.

The spokesman said: “It was quite a hazard so we had to take it away.

“It had metal spikes so we could not leave it on the beach. The dinosaur had to have a police escort when it was taken along the road as it was not a safe structure.”

No doubt Mr Swaffield will be sent a bill by the council for the work involved and will find out that the miserable buggers will have scraped it and also charge him for that!!!!….Typical attitude of the mindless people that are given a modicum of authority nowadays.

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