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It’s Official. Sex Can Be Fun.

Posted by Boghound on July 18, 2009

Well…….It’s official then…….Teenage sex can be fun!!!!…..that’s according to the British Health Service………

Health officials are trying to change the tone of sex education by urging teachers to emphasize that sexual relations can be healthy and pleasurable instead of simply explaining the mechanics of sex and warning about diseases.

The new pamphlet, called “Pleasure,” has sparked some opposition from those who believe it encourages promiscuity among teens in a country that already has high rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The National Health Service in the city of Sheffield produced the booklet, which has a section called “an
orgasm a day” that encourages educators to tell teens about the positive physical and emotional effects of sex and masturbation, which is described as an easy way for people to explore their bodies and feel good.

Like more traditional sex education guides, it encourages demonstrations about how to use condoms and other contraceptives.

Some professionals have hailed the new approach as a welcome antidote to traditional sex education, which they say can be long on biological facts but short on information about the complexity of human relationships.

The booklet suggests ways in which teachers can encourage sexual awareness and responsibility while
teaching young people that sex is something that is meant to be enjoyed……Funny that……..My generation learnt by experience, crumpled pages of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” or “The Kama Suta”.

Steve Slack, who helped produce the leaflet as Director of the Centre for HIV & Sexual Health in Sheffield said some of the ideas in the booklet came from the Netherlands, which is well known in Europe for its liberal attitude toward sexual behaviour……If this wasn’t a real news item you’d think it was made up…….How the Hell do these people get the jobs in the first place????????……Oh Yes…..I forgot……The braindead morons went to a local “university” and came out with a first in “nose-picking”……..So even sex is being dumb down in Britain……GOD HELP US ALL


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