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Auntie Beeb…The Money Tree!

Posted by Boghound on July 16, 2009

Sir Michael Lyons, the chairman of the BBC Trust, has laid himself open to accusations of hypocrisy after his remuneration package rose by 30 per cent to £213,000 last year, despite his assurances that the Corporation was cutting costs.

This scroungers basic pay of £143,000 for the part-time position was boosted by a £70,000 benefits package – doubled from last year – which covered his travel costs to and from work, the use of a London chauffeur and overnight accommodation.

Sir Michael’s remuneration package was published in the BBC’s annual report, which also showed that Mark Thompson, the director-general, received a total remuneration package worth £834,000 last year, up from £816,000 the year before.

All other members of the executive board saw their packages fall after bonuses were suspended. The figure included basic pay of £664,000, up from £647,000 in 2007/8, and £164,000 in pension payments.

Annual staff costs for running the Trust last year were £4.67 million – an average of £66,000 per head for each of the organisation’s 70 staff.

There are now 701 executives at the BBC earning £70,000 or more, up from 669 in 2007/8…….Don’t forget folks…..The higher up the “Money Tree” you climb the less work you do but the greater the rewards…….Don’t worry…..COME THE EVOLUTION…..All these parasites will be sorted out once and for all….

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