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Le Gnat Names Jet “Carla”

Posted by Boghound on July 10, 2009

WELL……WELL…..Le Gnat really does have a Napoleon complex!!!!

Mr Sarkozy stuck two fingers up to the recession and the rest of France last year and ordered £240 million worth of planes, including an Airbus designed to be bigger than any flown by other
European leaders, and two corporate ”run-arounds” for shorter trips.

A hugely luxurious Dassault Falcon 7X with a range of 6,000 nautical miles, has now been delivered complete with the hand-painted “Carla One” glistening on its side, in honour of his wife Carla Bruni…….If this wasn’t true it would be one of the biggest or cruelest jokes played on the French by a serving politician.

“She’s a beautiful plane and of course officially named after the President’s wife,” said a source at the Villacoublay airbase near Paris, where the plane is currently stored.

Evident….. when Le Gnat married last year, he made it clear that the former super “model” would have the very best in aviation luxury to transport her around the world…….The Falcon comes with full leather seats and teak desks …….Surprise…Surprise…. It’s understood to be red, white and blue……Jean Guisnel, and aviation expert for France’s Le Point magazine, said the model is decorated in the livery of all official French planes – sober and elegant……These people have no concept of irony then??

………And it doesn’t stop there……The Sarkozys will also be getting a top-of-the-range Airbus A330-200 which is bigger than any other European leader’s…..So penis size does not come into play there then!!!!!……..The Airbus will be fitted with desks for Mr Sarkozy and a secretary, a meeting room for 12 people and seating for 60 passengers, as well as a bedroom and a private bathroom……This guy should get a reality check or at the very least advice on how well he’s currently liked…….YEH RIGHT

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