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A Neighbours Lovemaking

Posted by Boghound on July 9, 2009

A family in living Finstock, Oxfordshire in Britain have been woken repeatedly in the night since an amorous middle-aged couple moved next door to
their home five weeks ago…..their seven year old daughter has had to switch bedrooms because of the “noise” created by their neighbours nightly lovemaking…..This they claim is an invasion of their privacy!!!

Evidently they are worried that their daughter will go to school and repeat what she has heard through the thin walls.

The family approached their married neighbours who agreed to move their bed and place a wardrobe next to the thin adjoining wall, but the late night commotions have continued unabated.

They approached, West Oxfordshire District Council, who refused to get involved, saying that the noise related to “fundamental domestic activity”. The family is now considering moving out even though they are happy living there, besides the noise that is!

The neighbouring couple said they have tried to quieten down and insisted they had done nothing wrong.
“Why should we not make love? We are married, we have four grown-up kids, at our age it’s good as we can do what we want,” they said…….Good for them….Grab it as much as you can…..You’re a long time dead!!!!!!

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