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Just A Little Laugh

Posted by Boghound on July 7, 2009

“Doctor, doctor, I’m so worried,” said the anxious man.
“Both my wife and I have black hair, but our son’s just been
born with red hair. Do you think something funny has been
going on?”
“Not necessarily,” replied the doctor. “How many times do
you have sex?”
“About 5 times a year.”
“Well, there’s your answer then, you’re just a little rusty.”

★ ★ ★
“Mummy, mummy, what are you doing?” exclaimed the little
boy as he walked into the bedroom to find her sitting on
“Just flattening daddy’s tummy,” mum replied.
“I wouldn’t bother, when you go out tonight the au pair will
only blow it up again.”

★ ★ ★

“Hey June, how about a bit of slap and tickle tonight?”
“Sshh John, don’t talk like that in front of the children. Let’s
use code. Whenever you feel like it, just say, “How about
turning the washing machine on.”
A few evenings later, June turned to her husband and said,
“Shall I put the washing machine on tonight?”
“Don’t bother, love, you looked a bit tired so I did it by

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