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Gordon Brown The World Leader????

Posted by Boghound on July 4, 2009

So……….Let’s get this straight…..The World, especially the EU, is in the middle of a deep recession but “Gordon The Moron” wants the Governments in the West to cough-up around $100 billion per year to sort Global warming out!!!! NICE ONE GORDON.

In a speech, on 29th June given in all places, in the London Zoo……Which is where, an awful lot of people think “Gordon The Moron” should be permanently…. the British Prime Minister publically broke with the position of other developed countries by proposing that they provide “around 100 billion dollars” (£60bn) a year to help developing nations combat climate change and adapt to its
effects. Evidently it would be used to help fund their measures both to reduce their emissions of the pollution that causes global warming and to defend themselves against the consequences of increasing temperatures and rising sea levels.

Mr Brown’s initiative was immediately welcomed by Denmark – which will host the crucial final session of the negotiations in Copenhagen in December – and by the developing world governments of Bangladesh and the Maldives, two of the countries most threatened by inundation from the higher sea levels that will result from global warming.
And it received unaccustomed praise from critical environmental pressure groups. WWF-UK (formerly the World Wildlife Fund) said Britain should be “loudly applauded for being the first country to begin to break the stalemate that has dogged international talks.”

Greenpeace added that “by becoming the first major leader to put a figure on how much money is needed” the Prime Minister “has shown signs of leadership on climate change that have so far been sorely lacking”….So no surprise there then!!!

So far European finance ministers have twice refused to come up with a figure for the amount of money they are prepared to offer, fearing that it will only be bid up by Third World countries.
Some governments, including France, tried to persuade Mr Brown not to make today’s announcement. But he decided that it was needed both to revive the negotiations and to provide a realistic proposal around on which the talks could focus……Why would Brown back away from making such sweeping suggestions…..He has got enough “Black Spots” against him in the UK that any “brownie points” he can gather….He takes every opportunity in doing so……GOD HELP SAVE US FROM MINISTERS WITH THEIR OWN AGENDA.


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