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“Auntie Beeb” Does It Again!!

Posted by Boghound on July 1, 2009

WELL……..What a surprise……A leopard never looses it’s spots…..The BBC sent 407 staff to Glastonbury but didn’t broadcast full sets!

The failure to provide comprehensive coverage came despite the decision to flood the west country festival with almost as many BBC workers as were sent to the Beijing Olympics last year.

Fans had complained that the BBC had not shown Bruce Springsteen’s full set. The corporation responded that was because the set – at two hours and 40 minutes – was too long to broadcast in its entirety.

The BBC has admitted that 125 staff and 150 freeloaders…WHOOPS SORRY….. freelancers are at the festival this year, either as presenters, producers, directors or technical crew in order to broadcast across its digital television and radio channels and website.

They evidently were joined by about 130 short-term contractors hired to offer support at the 1,100-acre Somerset site.

Also attending the festival were a group of senior corporation executives who received free passes to attend in a “work capacity”…….YEH RIGHT!!!!!

There was 111 hours of television coverage across BBC2, BBC3 and BBC4 and the BBC’s interactive service………Evidently this compared with 3,050 hours coverage for Beijing, where the BBC sent just 30 more workers.

It also emerged that the BBC, which has provided coverage of the festival for the last ten years, was the only broadcaster to bid for the contract to provide coverage of Glastonbury when the contract came up for renewal……The other broadcasting companies obviously don’t have a bottomless pit of funds and have to answer to shareholders or have more sense!!

Matthew Elliott, the chief-executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance pressure group said the festival had turned into an “annual jamboree for BBC employees”.
“It raises very serious questions because it leaves the licence fee payer with the impression that it’s an annual BBC junket. All 407 staff can’t all be there doing proper work.
“The fact that nobody else even wants this contract suggests people will be very concerned about how licence fee money is being spent.”

A spokesman for the corporation said: “Our coverage of the festival is not comparable with the Olympics. We are the official broadcast partner to Glastonbury and are responsible for all broadcast infra-structure and transmission. Our pictures will be used around the world.”

The BBC needs to be seriously looked into and a lot of the “deadwood” removed along with the crazy salaries that are being paid.

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